QualilifeCare was founded by Dr. Nelia Drenth. The name of her social work practice reflects the quality of care that she aims for during her travels with people who experience life’s hardships.

Nelia Drenth studied Social Work at the University of Johannesburg (previously known as RAU) (BA SW), University of Pretoria (MA Medical Social Work) and North-West University (PhD). The title of her PhD thesis is: Complicated grief in the South African context – a therapeutic intervention programme.

Nelia has a keen interest in working with people who suffered a loss. Her therapy focusses on the strengths that lie in each of us despite the pain that loss and death brings.

Nelia Drenth
Dr. Nelia Drenth

QualifeCare focusses on individual therapy which is also provided online.

QualilifeCare shares knowledge and skills through in-person and online workshops for both the bereaved and professionals.

The practice provides counselling and workshops in both English and Afrikaans. Online training in loss, grief and bereavement was recently launched and can be accessed by copying the following link: https://qualilifecare.teachable.com