I have a passion to understand the many faces of grief. And hopefully through this blog, we can help each other to understand why it hurts so much and often takes so long to integrate the death of a loved one into our lives.

Scientific literature refers to the normality of grief. But if grief is so normal, why:

  • Does it feel like I have lost control?
  • Do I simultaneously want to be left alone, and not to be left alone?
  • Am I angry and frustrated?
  • Do I feel good, just to plummet down in the dumps again?
  • Do I fear the future?
  • Don’t I want to think of tomorrow, and just want to cling to yesterday?
  • Am I unable to laugh without feeling guilty?
  • Am I afraid to speak?
  • Don’t I trust people?

There is however another side of grief. I have experienced that most people have a resiliency that sometimes surprises even themselves. Most people have the ability to, at their own pace, pick up the pieces and ride the wave of grief. Sometimes they fall off, but mostly they succeed to reach the land.

My message to you is: just hang in there. The beach will never look the same again, but you will, at your own pace, again be able to enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin and the sand underneath your feet.


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